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The Most Prosecuted Federal Offense in America: A Primer on the Criminalization of Border Crossing

Unauthorized border crossings are the most prosecuted federal crime in the U.S. and an unlikely focus of the Democratic presidential primary. Why have such crimes come into the spotlight? And what effect would decriminalizing illegal entry into the U.S. really have?

Politics & National Security

Counterintelligence Responsibilities and the 2020 Election: What Are the Rules of the Road?

There are legitimate reasons to conduct a review of policies and procedures governing national security investigations involving political campaigns. But comments by the president and the attorney general only undermine that work.

Federal Law Enforcement

The Privacy Rights of Terrorism Defendants, Muslim and Non-Muslim

A stated Justice Department policy of protecting the privacy of terrorism defendants is inconsistent with its practice of releasing materials naming Muslim Americans prosecuted in international terrorism-related cases—while rarely publicizing the identities of non-Muslims prosecuted for right-wing extremism.

The Russia Connection

The Mueller Report and the Barr Letter: What Happens Now?

I was pleased to host this discussion at the Brookings Institution yesterday with Susan Hennessey, Margaret Taylor, both of Brookings, and former National Security Division chief Mary McCord, now at Georgetown law. It's a very good discussion of where we are with the Mueller Report and the congressional politics surrounding it.  

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