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Department of Defense

Defense Department Releases Zero Trust Strategy

On Nov. 22, the U.S. Department of Defense released their Zero Trust Strategy, a new approach to countering cyberattacks. The new framework employs a “‘never trust, always verify’” mindset, deviating from the Defense Department’s previously used perimeter defense model. The strategy is prompted by the “rapid growth” of offensive cyber threats and aims to fully implement the department-wide model by fiscal year 2027.

American military history

Military Foraging: Historical Practice and Contemporary Advice

Gen. Ulysses S. Grant’s prudent navigation of nascent legal concepts to diminish his force’s reliance on supply lines and forage for provisions enabled battlefield success. Today, Grant’s actions provide a cogent legal blueprint for contemporary military leaders in future operational planning.

Department of Defense

Commitment to Balance Is Vitally Important for Successful Implementation of CHMR-AP

Maintaining deliberate balance between divergent approaches is necessary for operationalizing the Civilian Harm Mitigation and Response-Action Plan to optimize joint targeting processes without compromising military effectiveness and national security.

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