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UK's Parliament Debates What the UN Security Council Said

The UK Parliament is in the midst of a tumultuous debate over whether British forces should participate in airstrikes on Syrian territory. Thus far, the debate has featured frequent calls for Prime Minister David Cameron to apologize for alleged comments regarding the sympathies of those who would oppose Syria strikes.

Jus ad Bellum/UN Charter/Sovereignty

UK Air Strike in Syria (with France and Australia Not Far Behind)

Bobby posted on Monday about the UK decision to target and kill a UK national in Syria who was part of ISIS. (Another UK national also died in the strike.) Bobby’s post discusses the similarities between the UK legal theory, as it’s been presented publicly, and the legal theory the U.S. Government asserted in its strike on Anwar al-Awlaki.

Targeted Killing: Drones

A British Anwar al-Awlaki Scenario? UK Targets British ISIL Member, in Syria, on an Imminent/Continuous Threat Theory

BBC News has the details here. To be clear, the novelty here is not British involvement in the use of lethal force against an ISIL target, nor simply the fact that a British citizen (Reyaad Khan of Cardiff) was the target of the carefully-planned strike (which also killed another British ISIL member, Ruhul Amin, among others). The novelty, instead, was the location of the attack (Syria) and the resulting invocation of what looks very much like the US government's imminent/continuous-threat self-defense theory.


Will the UK Begin Airstrikes Against ISIS in Syria?

Prime Minister David Cameron is looking to do more in Syria against ISIS. Today his Minister of Defence, Michael Fallon, made the case before Parliament that the UK should participate in coalition airstrikes against ISIS inside Syria. The UK government’s renewed interest in undertaking airstrikes in Syria is driven largely by the attack last week on tourists in Tunisia, in which 29 or 30 of the 38 killed were Brits.

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