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Keeping Up With Ransomware

The recent meeting of the International Counter Ransomware Initiative brought together representatives from over 30 countries and the private sector. It’s a good step in responding to different aspects of the ransomware threat, but the initiative seems to struggle to prevent future attacks.


The Securing Open Source Software Act Is Good, but Whatever Happened to Legal Liability?

The recent introduction of the Securing Open Source Software Act, and its subsequent momentum, has stoked a debate about the true reason for the open source security problem and the merits of different solutions.


Clarifying Responsible Cyber Power: Developing Views in the U.K. Regarding Non-intervention and Peacetime Cyber Operations

A response to a previous Lawfare article on the U.K.’s cyber strategy, emphasizing the need to develop a nuanced, incremental development of that strategy over time

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Cybersecurity Regulation: It’s Not ‘Performance-Based’ If Outcomes Can’t Be Measured

A closer look at the TSA’s cybersecurity directive for pipelines casts doubt on the applicability of “performance-based” regulation to cybersecurity. For now, policymakers have to combine management-based controls and technology-specific prescriptions.

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