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Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast: An Interview with Robert Silvers

Rob Silvers, assistant secretary for cybersecurity policy at DHS, comes on the podcast to talk about DDOS attacks and the Internet of Things. The gang discusses the FBI's collection of phone security fingerprints, an unusual U.K. tribunal ruling, new cybersecurity regulations on the financial industry, and Julian Assange.

Campaign 2016

State-Sponsored Doxing and Manipulation of the U.S. Election: How Should the U.S. Government Respond?

As Thomas Rid explains in this terrific piece in Esquire, the Russian government has developed a remarkable capacity for blending the fruits of espionage with information operations designed to manipulate public opinion abroad.  It has deployed this capacity in the past in various contexts without generating much discussion in U.S. circles, but recent activities apparently designed to impact the U.S.

Aegis Paper Series

The International Legal Dynamics of Encryption

If international discussions to address encryption occur, what will they look like, in what forums might they take place, and on what aspects of encryption will they focus? This Aegis Series paper looks at encryption through five different international lenses: human rights, law enforcement, intelligence, economics, and export controls. It evaluates the current views of US and foreign actors in each framework, describes international discussions (if any) that have transpired, and identifies factors that may drive outcomes. 

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