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The Cyberlaw Podcast: China, U.S. Tech Policy: 'Let Thousand Hands Throw Sand in the Gears.'

Jordan Schneider rejoins us after too long an absence to summarize the tech policy coming out of Beijing today: Any Chinese government agency with a beef against a tech company has carte blanche to at least try it out. From Didi and others being told to stop taking on subscribers to an end to Western IPOs, to the forced contributions to common welfare, China’s beefs with Big Tech sound a lot like those in the West (well, except for the complaints about AI-enabled censorship).

The Cyberlaw Podcast

The Cyberlaw Podcast: Fighting Ransomware By Pushing All the Buttons on the Dashboard

The Biden administration’s effort to counter ransomware may not be especially creative, but it is comprehensive. The administration is pushing all the standard buttons on the interagency dashboard, including the usual high-level task force and a $10 million reward program (but not including hackback authority for victims, despite headlines suggesting otherwise).

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