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Cybersecurity: Crime and Espionage

Cybercrime Roundup: Ex-Employees and a Serial Sextortionist

Information Technology Provider Holds Company Hostage

In 2011, a victim company wanted a website. Tavis Tso, a provider of information technology (IT) services for the company, set up a GoDaddy account for the company. Almost four years later, the company wanted access to its GoDaddy account in order to update the contact information. It reached out to Tso, who claimed he did not have the information.

Cybersecurity: Crime and Espionage

Cybercrime Roundup: WorldPay Update

On July 20, Judge Steven Jones of the Northern District of Georgia sentenced Evgeny Levitskyy (known by the moniker M.ur.d.e.r.e.r.) to 46 months in prison and three years of supervised release. Levitskyy must also pay restitution to the tune of $499,518.51. The sentence was based on Levitskyy’s guilty plea to one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud.

Cybercrime Roundup

Cybercrime Roundup: Bitcoin, Cat Pictures, and Defining Loss under the CFAA

Whose Authorization Matters—The Third-Party Accounts of Former Employees Two district courts in Virginia have parsed out a distinction regarding email access to the third-party accounts of former employees: following the employee’s termination, who is allowed to access the account and whose permission is required? The answer depends on how personal the account was.

Cybercrime Roundup

Cybercrime Roundup: Using Twitter as a Weapon, Copyright Trolling Porn, and Script Kiddies on the Rise

Using Twitter as a Weapon

On December 15, 2016, Kurt Eichenwald received a tweet from Twitter user @jew_goldstein that a flashing strobe GIF superimposed with the text, “YOU DESERVE A SEIZURE FOR YOUR POSTS.”

Cybercrime Roundup

Cybercrime Roundup: Avalanche

Department of Justice Dismantles International Criminal Cyber Infrastructure

On December 5th, the Department of Justice, alongside numerous other domestic, foreign, and international agencies, announced the success of a combined effort to take down Avalanche, an international computer infrastructure used by cybercriminals in order to facilitate malware attacks and money laundering schemes, among other activities.

Cybercrime Roundup

Cybercrime Roundup: A Pivot to Asia in Espionage Prosecutions

After indicting five People’s Liberation Army (PLA) officers for cyberespionage in 2014, the Department of Justice was criticized for the lack of effectiveness of its action. However, a FireEye report released this summer showed a dramatic and continual decrease in Chinese intrusions since mid-2014.

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