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How to Think About Chinese-Owned Technology Platforms Operating in the United States

A new report entitled “Chinese Technology Platforms Operating in the United States” sets forth a framework for understanding the various threats posed by Chinese-owned technology platforms operating in the United States and for assessing the various costs and benefits of proposed responses to these threats.

Cyber & Technology

Conceptualizing the Mandate for the Bureau of Cyber Statistics

Congress may soon consider whether or not to create a Bureau of Cyber Statistics. They should do so in a manner that gives the new bureau sufficient authority and capability to create a new, effective federal statistical agency. The implementing legislation will need to resolve several practical questions, which we review here.


ChinaTalk: Trains!

David Feng talks Chinese trains and subways. We get into the history and evolution of China's trains, the impact of industrial policy, and the role of foreign technology.

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ChinaTalk: China's True Tech Ambitions

How does the Chinese government's S&T spending differ fundamentally from America's and what does that tell us about the nature of their industrial policy? What is China Standards 2035 and what implications could it have? Will China pull the rare earth card? And is there any chance that America doesn't overcorrect?

Emily de La Bruyere of Horizon Advisory joins ChinaTalk to discuss.

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