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Content Moderation

Interpreting the ‘Twitter Files’: Lessons About External Influence on Content Moderation

Despite the argumentative thrust behind the “Twitter Files,” which suggests that the U.S. government and external voices attempted to wield undue influence in content moderation issues, such outside input is needed for a healthy online ecosystem.

Artificial Intelligence

Assessing Impacts of AI on Human Rights: It’s Not Solely About Privacy and Nondiscrimination

Artificial intelligence can significantly impact human rights—both positively and negatively. Human rights impact assessments conceived specifically for AI are needed to prevent potential harms and reap the benefits of the technology.

International Law

What the United Nations Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights (Don’t) Say About Content Moderation

Facebook’s Oversight Board presents itself as an executor of the global public interest embedded in international law. But in reality, the board uses international law in an imaginative and incoherent fashion, often widely reinterpreting its principles and instruments.

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