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Civil Liberties and Constitutional Rights

Procedures for Terrorist ‘Watchlist’ Unconstitutional, Court Rules

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia ruled that the federal government's Terrorist Screening Database program, commonly referred to as the terrorist "watchlist," does not provide "constitutionally adequate" process for Americans included in the database. The Court instructed both sides to submit briefs about what they each view as the appropriate relief. The ruling can be found here.



Civil Liberties and Constitutional Rights

Charlottesville and the Problem of Donald Trump’s Constitution

It never meant much that in the statement he delivered from the White House about Charlottesville, President Trump trudged to a mike and checked the teleprompting box. He has always chosen to govern by the tweet: It is his authentic voice in communicating with “his” people. The first of his tweets could be assumed to be authoritative.

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