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Climate Change and Security

Nuclear Energy, Climate Change and Security Threats

In the middle of the last century, Dr. Murdock Head, a George Washington University professor, acquired an old manor house and farm known as Airlie outside the nation’s capital. Dr. Head wanted to create a place where experts and organizations could meet in a neutral environment to analyze the pressing issues of the day.

International Law

Can President Trump Kill the Clean Power Plan and the Paris Agreement?

President-elect Donald Trump has vowed that when he is inaugurated he will kill the Clean Power Plan (CPP) and pull out of the Paris Agreement—two pillars of the Obama administration's efforts to combat climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. A primer on whether he can do as he promises.

International Law

Is the Paris Agreement on Climate Change a Legitimate Exercise of the Executive Agreement Power?

The Paris Agreement on climate change, concluded last December and signed on Earth Day, April 22 this year, has become the latest episode in the long-running tug of war between President Obama and the present Congress over executive power.  

International Law

Climate Change Agreements: Sue Biniaz Describes How Negotiators Got to Yes

Former State Department Deputy Legal Adviser Sue Biniaz, who has served as the Department's top environmental lawyer for more than twenty-five years and is now teaching at Columbia Law School, has written a fascinating new paper entitled "Comma But Differentiated Responsibilities: Punctuation and 30 Other Ways Negotiators Have Resolved Differences in the International Climate Change Regime," in which she describes some practical devices 

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