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ChinaTalk: Dispatches from Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong

This week I'm trying something different. I've been interviewing my friends across China about their Coronavirus experiences, 故事FM style. We start off with Dev from Shanghai who lived through the entire lockdown and has interesting reflections on the lasting effects of social distancing on interpersonal relationships.


ChinaTalk: Sinocism's Bill Bishop on the Politics of Coronavirus

Bill Bishop, author of the Sinocism Newsletter, comes on the show to discuss the new low in U.S.-China relations. We start off talking about what China's response to coronavirus has taught us about the CCP, and then go into the deeper forces behind why the Chinese government has started to blame America for creating the virus.


ChinaTalk: How Chinese Governance Fundamentals Impact Health Care and National Security

How has the distinct nature of local-central relations in the Chinese system impacted its response to coronavirus? To discuss, Schneider speaks with Ryan Manuel, managing director of Official China, a consultancy that goes deep into CCP regulations and policy.


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