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ChinaTalk: What Evergrande Means for China

Logan Wright of the Rhodium Group returns to the pod to discuss Evergrande's implosion, how we got here, and what this week means for China's economy.

Read Credit and Credibility! If you only have time for one section, start with section 6.

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ChinaTalk: Mao and the Monkey King

Julia Lovell, author of Maoism: A Global History and The Opium War: Drugs, Dreams and the Making of China, discusses translating Journey to the West (, for English audiences.

Joined by translator Brendan O'Kane as co-host, on this episode we discuss:


ChinaTalk: Russia's Pivot to Asia From Czars to Putin

How did Russian imperial ambitions and expansionism eastward change over time?

Joining me on this episode is Chris Miller, author of We Shall Be Masters: Russian Pivots to East Asia from Peter the Great to Putin. Chris is a history professor at the Fletcher School and Eurasia Director at the Foreign Policy Research Institute.


ChinaTalk: Tech Crackdown, Common Prosperity, and The Dao of ChinaTalk

I was a guest on the Compounding Curiosity podcast, a new show founded by a ChinaTalk fan that focuses on ASEAN, and we had a halfway decent conversation! Hope you enjoy.

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After Xi: Future Scenarios for Leadership Succession in Post-xi Jinping EraChina Under Mao: A Revolution Derailed by Andrew G. Walder


ChinaTalk: Tooze and Klein on China's Economic History and Future

How much credit can the CCP claim post-1949 for the higher level of human development relative to the level of visible capital in China? To discuss, historian Adam Tooze and Matt Klein of the Overshoot come for their third ChinaTalk appearance. We go back to the oft-forgotten hyperinflation of the 1940s to why in the 80s the World Bank believed a little bit of policy tinkering would lead China’s economy to skyrocket.


ChinaTalk: SpaceX, Elon and their Chinese Imitators

How did SpaceX revolutionize the global space industry? To discuss SpaceX's origin story and secret sauce, guest Eric Berger, author of Liftoff: Elon Musk and the Desperate Early Days That Launched SpaceX, joins the show. Cory Fitz, author of the TaikoNautica newsletter on China's space industry (, cohosts and shares his perspective on the Chinese launch ecosystem.


ChinaTalk: BadChinaTake on China Twitter

@BadChinaTake, an anonymous twitter account that combined vicious takedowns of, well, bad china takes with a blog that does deep dives into everything from tankie subcultures to China’s Xinjiang policy, is one of the best things to hit China twitter. BadChinaTake was recently unmasked as Jake Eberts, a young DC-based China analyst. He joins us today to talk about his journey to twitter infamy. We get into


ChinaTalk: Hot Space Summer: China's Commercial Space Boom

In 2019, Thomas Colvin, Irina Liu and Shirley Han at the Science and Technology Policy Institute ( were part of a team of researchers that published what is to date the most comprehensive English-language overview ( of China’s growing space industry.


ChinaTalk: How Abe Reshaped Japan

Abe Shinzo is second only to Xi as the most consequential East Asian politician of the 21st century. Tobias Harris of the Center for American Progress joins to discuss his new biography of Abe, The Iconoclast.

Tobias and I discuss his dramatic rise, fall and return to power; how he reshaped governance in Japan through bureaucratic reform; how he managed relations with the US and China; and how tasty his wife's izakaya is.

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