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The Lawfare Podcast: Aaron Friedberg on "Getting China Wrong"

For decades, experts and analysts have written in great detail about the importance of liberalization and its role in promoting democracy and other western values. Specifically, many believed that once a state began this track towards liberalization, open markets and a liberal democracy was inevitable. Yet, the several decades following Henry Kissinger’s secret trip to China has proven differently, as China continues to grow more distant and confrontational with the West.

Water Wars

Water Wars: 'We’ve Seen This Movie Before': U.S. Suspicious of Beijing’s Motives in Solomon Islands

Biden’s ASEAN summit reinvigorates UNCLOS ratification debate, Beijing fails to gain support for Pacific Islands regional security agreement but finalizes controversial pact with the Solomon Islands, and more.

Trade and Security

An Opportunity to Address China’s Growing Influence over Latin America’s Mineral Resources

The United States has an opportunity to explore new ways to deepen its strategic and economic partnerships in the region, counterbalance China’s growing influence and secure supply chains for critical minerals at the Summit of the Americas.

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