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ChinaTalk: Great Power Competition with Richard Danzig

On the second joint episode of Acquisition Talk and ChinaTalk, Richard Danzig, a Secretary of the Navy under Clinton, discusses U.S.-China relations and military innovation. Richard is a senior fellow at Johns Hopkins APL, a former Secretary of the Navy and a fiction guy. We traverse a number of subjects, including: how the risk of war with China is reflected in trade policy; the problems regulators face in high-tech industries; views on growing the U.S. Navy to 500 ships; how U.S.


ChinaTalk: KFC, The Toilet Revolution and the Business of Propaganda

Why is KFC so big in China? What is the “Toilet Revolution” and why does it matter? How does Chinese propaganda work? How have bicycles’ role in Chinese society evolved over time? Neil Thomas of MacroPolo takes on this grab bag.

Note this is a rebroadcast from November 2018.

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Outtro music is a KFC vs McDonalds rap battle.

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