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Livestream: House Armed Services Committee Assesses the Pentagon's Role in U.S.-China Competition

On Jan. 15 at 10:00 a.m., the House Armed Services Committee will hold a hearing titled “DOD’s Role in Competing with China.” The Committee will hear testimony from Michèle Flournoy, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of WestExec Advisors and Former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy; Andrew Philip Hunter, Director of the Defense-Industrial Initiatives Group at the Center for Strategic and International Studies; and Rear Adm. (ret.) Michael McDevitt, Senior Fellow at CNA.


Fault Lines: Return of the Founder

The original Rum Bunch is back and talking about protests in Hong Kong and oppression in Xinjiang. In this China-focused episode, our band of former Hill staffers discuss what makes these two very important challenges to American values distinct, why the president and Congress treat them very differently, and how the U.S. Republican and Democratic parties see the democracy protests in Hong Kong and China's repression of its own people in Xinjiang Province in basically the same way.

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