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National Security Agency

Understanding the Deeper History of FISA and 702: Charlie Savage's Power Wars on Fiber Optic Cables and Transit Authority

NSA surveillance activity sometimes labeled "transit authority" is a very useful case study of the way in which legal and policy questions may be impacted by technological change.

Secrecy: FOIA

SDNY Grants Partial Summary Judgment in NYT/DOJ FOIA Suit Related to CIA Interrogation Program

On Wednesday, SDNY Judge J. Paul Oetken ruled on the New York Times’ and DOJ’s cross-motions for summary judgment in a FOIA suit seeking documents related to federal prosecutor John Durham’s 2008 to 2012 investigation of the CIA’s detainee interrogation program.

Media Criticism

A Reply to Charlie Savage—And His Reply to Me

Charlie Savage of the New York Times reponded last week to my critique of his NSA cybersecurity surveillance article. I think he's kidding himself about how phrases like "warrantless surveillance" come off to a reasonable reader and that his article was more suggestive than he admits about Americans' being in the surveillance cross-hairs. Here's my response—complete with his thoughts at the end. 

The Cyberlaw Podcast

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #70: An Interview with Dan Kaminsky

Our guest for Episode 70 of the Cyberlaw Podcast is Dan Kaminsky, a famous cybersecurity researcher who found and helped fix a DNS security flaw.  Dan is now the Chief Scientist at WhiteOps, but I got to know him in an unlikely-bedfellows campaign against SOPA because of its impact on DNS security.

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