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The Russia Connection

Roger Stone’s ‘Time in the Barrel’: Campaign Dirty Tricks, Political Sabotage and the Law

Roger Stone is pleased to be known as a campaign “dirty trickster.” A former Trump campaign aide and Republican operative, he has embraced his past as practitioner of the political dark arts. “One man’s dirty tricks,” he has said, are “another man’s political, civic action.

Campaign 2016

State-Sponsored Doxing and Manipulation of the U.S. Election: How Should the U.S. Government Respond?

As Thomas Rid explains in this terrific piece in Esquire, the Russian government has developed a remarkable capacity for blending the fruits of espionage with information operations designed to manipulate public opinion abroad. It has deployed this capacity in the past in various contexts without generating much discussion in U.S. circles, but recent activities apparently designed to impact the U.S. presidential election (in favor of Donald Trump) have sparked a sudden surge of attention.

Campaign 2016

Public Opinion on National Security: The End of the GOP's Advantage?

Normally, when a terrorist attack happens, the shakeup in public opinion is thought to help Republicans. And many commentators today are wondering whether the attacks in New York and New Jersey might thus help Donald Trump, as the San Bernadino attacks are believed to have done during the GOP primaries.

The Lawfare Podcast

The Lawfare Podcast: An Interview with Independent Presidential Candidate Evan McMullin

It's been an unusual election season so far to put it mildly. Among the many other unexpected or unprecedented occurrences that have taken place over the course of the 2016 campaign season, we've seen many people working in the usually quiet and apolitical national security space take a step into the political limelight.


More on Securing the Election

Over at the Richmond Times-Dispatch I have an op-ed entitled Act Now To Prevent Election Cyberattack. In it, I argue that - in 9/11 parlance - "the system is blinking red" and we should listen to the technical security experts who are warning that more aggressive action and coordination is needed to secure the election and maintain confidence in its integrity.

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