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Cross-Border Data

No Privacy Shield, No Parachute?: The Brexit Cliff Edge and Data Regulation

Recent weeks have seen turmoil for Theresa May and her government. International Development Secretary Priti Patel and Defense Secretary Michael Fallon both resigned, and First Secretary of State Damian Green is under investigation for allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior.

Western Europe

Theresa May Not: Exit Polls Predict Hung Parliament

The exit polls for today’s United Kingdom snap general election are out and they predict that the Conservative party has lost 17 seats in the House of Commons, bringing them to 314. If the polls are correct, this means that the Conservatives have lost their majority in Parliament. Polls further predict that Labour won 34 additional seats and the Liberal Democrats (Lib Dems) have gained 6.


Brexecution: Hard Brexit

The debate between “hard” Brexit and “soft” Brexit is finally over. After months of ambiguity, British Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday clarified her government’s strategic objectives, just in time for the start of negotiations in March: May is taking a hard line.


Continental Drift: Brexit and Privacy

As the United Kingdom approaches the early 2017 start of negotiations on its departure from the European Union, questions are emerging about the future direction of the country’s EU-based data privacy laws. In parallel, the British Parliament is close to completing a comprehensive overhaul and expansion of its controversial surveillance laws. At stake in these two exercises is whether the UK will retain a recognizably European balance between privacy and security, or will move closer in approach to its American cousin.

Brexit: When and How?


How Free? Brexit and the Movement of Peoples

As the U.K. government prepares itself for the beginning of Brexit negotiations in March 2017, it is becoming increasingly clear that there is no off-ramp—and, for that matter, no brakes on the car. If you’ve tuned into the news in recent weeks, you’ve heard some news outlets characterize the Government’s strategy as a course set for a “Hard Brexit.”

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