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Bitcoin Exposed; DNS Hacked; EU Cyber Law Passed

Satoshi Nakamoto exposed? As most readers know, Bitcoin is a crypto currency that was first invented by a pseudononymous mathematician who went by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. For years, many has sought his true identity. Now, Wired magazine has made a powerful circumstantial case that it is an Australian named Craig Steven Wright. "In the last weeks, WIRED has obtained the strongest evidence yet of Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity.


Bitcoin as a National Security Hedge Fund

Nearly a year ago, Lawfare bought a bitcoin -- a piece of digital currency that exists only by virtue some rather complex and elegant mathematics but without the charecteristic of having been issued by any national bank. On the day we bought the coin, its value was roughly $316/coin. Since that time the value has fluctuated some, but mostly languished in the doldrums.

The Cyberlaw Podcast

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #75: Hip Hop Summit at Graceland---Michael Casey and Digital Money

Bitcoin and the blockchain – how do they work and what do they mean for financial and government services and for consumers? And who holds massive stores of bitcoin that can’t be spent without solving one of the great financial mysteries of our time? Our guest for episode 75 is Michael Casey, former senior columnist for the Wall Street Journal and – as of last week – senior advisor at the MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative.


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