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As Trump Mulls the Iran Deal’s Fate, a Three-Ring Circus Ensues

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on Order from Chaos.

With fewer than two weeks to go before the deadline for an American decision on continuing the Iran nuclear agreement, the debate over the fate the deal has become a three-ring circus, with Israelis, Europeans, and the Iranians themselves all jockeying to shape the outcome in their own favor.


Indicting a Sitting Prime Minister: The Israeli Constitutional Framework

The recent weeks have seen a flurry of developments in a number of criminal investigations involving Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. These developments fueled debates as to whether Netanyahu should continue serving as prime minister while facing criminal charges. Netanyahu has signaled that he has no intention of resigning.

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Assad Regime Strains Russian Ceasefires, Iran Responds to Trump’s Plans for Nuclear Deal, Israeli Officials Snared in Corruption Scandals

Russian-backed Ceasefires Falter in Syria

Russia’s efforts to wind down the conflict in Western Syria were set back by renewed clashes over the past week. In recent months, Russia has sought to expand its patchwork of local ceasefires into a blanket “de-escalation zones” to be patrolled by Russian forces, and even gained some support for its plan from the Trump administration. But this past week was marked by clashes in Homs and Hama province and rebel-held districts in Damascus.

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