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Demystifying Apple’s FAQ – A Rebuttal

To say that Apple has great marketing would be quite an understatement. Apple is widely recognized as having one of the most effective marketing and PR operations in their—or perhaps any—industry. Stories of people lining up to buy virtually any new Apple product, sight unseen, for hundreds of dollars are now utterly routine. Loyalty to Apple’s brand is nearly unmatched, and accordingly it ranks as the most valuable in the world.


India Debates Going Dark

The on-going debate on encryption and exceptional access for law enforcement agencies to encrypted communication—which recent attacks in Paris and California have only intensified—is also being closely studied in India. How India regulates encryption will be crucial for two reasons. First, India is among the fastest growing digital economies in the world, and its encryption policy could offer a template for other developing countries. What’s more, technology continues to flow from the West to the East but information is now firmly moving in the other direction.

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