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Senate Hearing On the Use of Military Force

On July 24, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing titled, “Reviewing Authorities for the Use of Military Force.” The committee called David Hale, under secretary of state for political affairs and Marik String, Acting State Department legal adviser as witnesses. The witnesses’ complete written submissions are available below. A video recording of the hearing will be posted online here.

targeted killing

Judicial Review of Decisions to Kill American Citizens Under the AUMF: The Most Important Case You Missed Last Week

A federal judge says courts should review the U.S. government’s decision-making process when it decides to target a U.S. citizen as part of the armed conflict authorized by the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force.


A Fast Track to Nowhere: ‘Expedited Procedures’ and the New AUMF Proposal

The new draft AUMF promotes greater transparency and congressional involvement in deciding on the scope of U.S. counterterrorism operations, but it primarily serves to give Congress political leverage. As a legal matter, it leaves the president firmly in control.

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