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Lessons From the UAE War in Yemen

Editor’s Note: Yemen's civil war has dragged on for years, and the destruction and suffering there intensified after the Saudi and UAE intervention in 2015. Although Riyadh's role gets far more attention than Abu Dhabi's, it was UAE forces that often had the biggest impact on the ground. Earlier this year, however, the UAE announced it was suddenly ending its intervention. Michael Knights of the Washington Institute spent considerable time with UAE forces in Yemen, and he assesses the lessons that the UAE is learning, and should learn, from its intervention.


The Administration's New Electronics Ban Is a Case Study in Credibility

The first news of the new U.S. ban on large electronics in the passenger cabins of flights from 10 airports in the Middle East broke in the form of a tweet from Royal Jordanian Airlines on Monday. Without immediate corroboration from the Department of Homeland Security, at least one analyst wondered if the airline’s account had been hacked.


Episode 2 of the National Security Law Podcast: Immigration Constraints, Ground Ops in Yemen...

Still no music, but Steve Vladeck and I have posted Episode 2 of our new National Security Law Podcast, “If You Thought That Last Executive Order Was Controversial…”

In it, we discuss President Trump’s new Executive Order on immigration, last weekend’s use of military force in Yemen, and . . . our predictions for the Super Bowl and President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court (we recorded yesterday afternoon; Steve's predictions are better than mine, it turns out).

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