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Summary: New Trove of 9/11 Documents Released

On Oct. 15, J.M. Berger, a prolific author and researcher on extremism, made public on Intelwire a large number of previously unreleased or difficult-to-find materials related to 9/11 that were obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, court records and open sources. The material includes thousands of pages of reports, communications and other primary-source documents related to the efforts of the CIA, FBI and State Department to assess and respond to the threat of terrorism in the years leading up to and following the Sept.

The Russia Connection

Bipartisan Investigations: How the 9/11 Commission Did It

Whatever your political outlook, the ferment surrounding last year’s presidential election raises important, unanswered questions: What, precisely, did the Russians do, and were any Americans involved? Were members of presidential campaigns or transition teams recorded on foreign-intelligence or criminal wiretaps? If so, under what legal authority? Were their identities disseminated within the government? If so, for what purpose? And how did classified information about such wiretaps make its way into the press?

Case Coverage: 9/11 Case

12/9 Session: Morning Session: Can't We Deconflict?

Well, that was a bust!

Wednesday morning’s 9/11 military commission session never gets past the opening formalities of verifying that the defendants are all present or, if not, voluntarily waiving their right to be present.

The reason? Two of our defendants—KSM and Mustafa al Hawsawi—aren’t here. It turns out there’s been a scheduling snafu. Both men have ICRC appointments today and neither wants to miss them to sit in a boring court hearing.

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