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12/9 Session: Morning Session: Can't We Deconflict?

Well, that was a bust!

Wednesday morning’s 9/11 military commission session never gets past the opening formalities of verifying that the defendants are all present or, if not, voluntarily waiving their right to be present.

The reason? Two of our defendants—KSM and Mustafa al Hawsawi—aren’t here. It turns out there’s been a scheduling snafu. Both men have ICRC appointments today and neither wants to miss them to sit in a boring court hearing.

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12/8 Session: Afternoon Session: Is that Culturally Inappropriate?

The commission reconvenes at 1:22 pm, and Michael Schwartz—representing Walid bin Attash—takes up the questioning of the Lieutenant Colonel. It’s afternoon now, and the 9/11 trial is still focused on the key issue of female guards offending the delicate sensibilities of men accused of mass murder by touching them.

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12/8 Session: Morning Session: On Female Guards and Female Attorneys

It’s Tuesday morning at Guantanamo at precisely 9:07, and Military Judge James Pohl calls the session to order. He is, as always, resplendent in his black robes, judicial authority emanating from his very being.

Chief Prosecutor Brigadier Gen. Mark Martins introduces the government lawyers. And Judge Pohl goes through the usual ritual of making sure all the accused are present and understand their right to be absent. All the detainees are good to go except for Walid Bin Attash, who’s down about having to have a female lawyer.

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10/25 Session: A Rare Sunday Hearing, Part I

Following a public hearing on Thursday morning, the military commission tasked with trying five Guantanamo detainees for their alleged roles in the 9/11 attacks went dark for back-to-back, closed 505(h) sessions on Thursday and Friday afternoons. The commission reconvened again two days later for a rare Sunday session, which was back on the record.

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10/20 Session: Pro Se Opens Pandora’s Box in Gitmo 9/11 Trial

The five Guantanamo detainees on trial before a military commission for allegedly orchestrating the September 11th attacks all returned to court Tuesday morning, as pre-trial proceedings in their case continued for a second day in a row. On Monday, the session was almost immediately derailed by detainee Walid Bin Attash’s unexpectedly raising the possibility of representing himself pro se.

Case Coverage: 9/11 Case

10/19 Session: Yesterday at Guantanamo: Once Again, Questions Abound While Answers Elude

The five detainees accused of orchestrating the September 11th attacks, including the plot’s alleged mastermind, Khalid Shaikh Mohammad, were all present at yesterday’s proceedings in their ongoing military commission trial at Guantanamo Bay.


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