2009 Military Commissions Act

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Case Coverage: Al-Iraqi Case

This Week at the Military Commissions, 11/15 Session: We’re Asking the Questions Now, Judge

On Tuesday, the case of U.S. v. Abd al Hadi al-Iraqi was called back to session but, this time, not with the usual players. Colonel Peter S. Rubin of the USMC replaced Captain Waits as the military judge presiding over the commission. Because of this shake-up, which was not explained during the course of the hearing, Colonel Rubin opened the floor for voir dire. The trial counsel had no immediate questions for the judge, but the defense counsel, led by Brent Rushforth, spent the first morning session questioning the judge.

Terrorism Trials: Military Commissions

Military Commissions After Al-Bahlul

I take issue with two recent critiques of the Guantanamo military commissions, both arising from a D.C. Circuit panel’s reversal, earlier this month, of the conviction by military commission of Ali al-Bahlul (an al Qaeda jihadist and detainee who had served in bin Laden’s inner circle) for conspiracy to commit war crimes.

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