Supporting Lawfare

By Benjamin Wittes, Robert Chesney, Jack Goldsmith
Monday, June 24, 2013, 7:00 AM

We are pleased to announce that over the last few weeks, Lawfare---which began as a collaborative project of its three founders with no formal organizational structure---has become a non-profit corporation. The Lawfare Institute was incorporated this month to serve as the organizational parent of the website, to help it grow, and to expand the range of services we can provide to readers.

In our readership survey last month, a considerable number of readers expressed a willingness to contribute financially to the site's operations and development. Running this site is not free. It has significant and ongoing staff costs. And as last week's technical glitches show, we need to invest in its technical architecture. The Brookings Institution continues to be a spectacular partner in the production and publication of this site. But we have an independent obligation to do what we can to help Lawfare grow and develop. If readers feel they have a role to play in that, we very gratefully welcome their help.

The creation of the organizational structure---for which we will soon be applying for tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status---allows us for the first time to accept direct reader support. While we won't be going all public radio on readers and holding any pledge drives, we have added this button to our sidebar, and appreciate very much any efforts by those who use the site to help support it.

In addition, we have created an affiliate relationship with, which means that Amazon gives us a percentage of all purchases routed to it from Lawfare. So you'll see on the sidebar as well a search window for Amazon. Use it for all your purchases there and Lawfare will reap considerable benefits.

Many thanks to all who decide, by whatever means, to help out.