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Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #76: An Interview with Peter Swire and Annie Anton

By Stewart Baker
Tuesday, July 21, 2015, 3:30 PM

Episode 76 of the podcast features the power couple of privacy and cybersecurity, and , both professors at Georgia Institute of Technology. I question them on topics from the USA FREEDOM Act to the enduring gulf between writing law and writing code. 

In the news roundup, as our listeners have come to expect, we do indeed return to our recurring feature, This Week in Prurient Cybersecurity, with a riff on the . But you’ll have to wait until the end, when we’re loosened up. 

We begin more soberly, with and covering the courts’ mopping up after passage of the . The on Section 215, and the against the 215 program in the Second Circuit.

The Hacking Team doxxing draws attention to the . When they’re disgruntled, they don’t just slam the door on the way out. Still, and I can’t help but be fascinated by the Hacking Team , intercepting his Wi-Fi connection.

In regulatory news, Alan Cohn and Jason Weinstein discuss the , with a focus on supply chain practices, and a , prompting me to ask whether HHS’s Office of Civil Rights is the most hypocritically aggressive privacy regulator in government.

, after further tweaks. And Google announces that it has .

I respond to listener feedback by walking back my mockery of initiative, noting that it might have some modest security benefits after all. Instead of “privacy theater” perhaps I should have called it a “privacy skit.” And as attribution gets better, so does the temptation to fly false flags. It looks as though the Russians will pioneer this particular development, . And the US government response to the Russian attacks? A predictable silence.

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