Security Planner: How to Protect Yourself

By Susan Landau
Friday, December 15, 2017, 2:00 PM

We spend a lot of time on Lawfare describing the problems that result from data exfiltration, whether government policies should change as a result, etc. This post is a bit of a change; it's about technical ways to protect yourself–or more accurately, a link to such. The University of Toronto's Citizen Lab has put together a great free resource, Security Planner, a site that provides customized advice on how to securely configure your systems based on which devices you're using, what threats you believe you're facing and what risks you're worried about. Security Planner does things right: The system is easy to use, Citizen Lab is committed to updating the information as technology changes, and its interface is simple and clean. For “regular” users who don't have access to top-notch security advice, Security Planner is a great resource.