The Report: Impeachment, Day Seven

By Margaret Taylor
Wednesday, January 29, 2020, 11:03 AM

On the seventh day of the impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump, the president’s team of lawyers wrapped up their arguments in his defense. The defense, led by White House counsel Pat Cipollone, continued their case for Trump’s acquittal focusing on arguments related to constitutional interpretation, the facts of the case and what the defense asserts is at stake with the impeachment of this president. This was the defense’s final chance to make their case before senators’ questioning begins.

While the final two hours of the president’s defense are important for each and every American to hear, most do not have a spare two hours to watch the proceedings in full. So Lawfare and Goat Rodeo bring you the seventh day of President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial boiled down to the most essential 48 minutes.