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The Report, Bonus Episode: The Death of Peter Smith

By Quinta Jurecic
Friday, September 6, 2019, 11:32 AM

Today, we released a bonus episode of Lawfare's narrative audio documentary, The Report, which tells the story Robert S. Mueller lays out in his famous 448-page document. 

Lawfare has now finished adapting all of Volume I of Mueller's report, and you can listen to the whole story so far here. We're taking a brief hiatus as we prepare to present our adaptation of Volume II. In the meantime, we're releasing a bonus episode digging deeper into one of the stranger stories contained in the report: the tale of Peter Smith, a Republican operative who began a search for missing Hillary Clinton emails with the knowledge of the Trump campaign. But Smith died in May 2017, just before Mueller was appointed as special counsel.

This episode features Shane Harris and Benjamin Wittes.

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