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The Lawfare Podcast: Defamation, Disinformation, and the Depp-Heard Trial

If you loaded up the internet or turned on the television somewhere in the United States over the last two months, it’s been impossible to avoid news coverage of the defamation trial of actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard—both of whom sued each other over a dispute relating to allegations by Heard of domestic abuse by Depp. In early June, a Virginia jury found that both had defamed the other.


The Lawfare Podcast: Allies: How America Failed its Partners in Afghanistan

On Monday, the Brookings Institution hosted a panel discussion titled, “Allies: How America failed its partners in Afghanistan.” The event featured comments from Lawfare editor-in-chief Benjamin Wittes, a preview clip of Episode 6 of the podcast Allies, and a moderated discussion with an all-star panel.


Lawfare No Bull: Day Two of the Jan. 6 Committee Hearings

Today on Lawfare No Bull: On June 13, the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the Capitol held its second public hearing. This hearing focused on former President Trump’s actions and statements on election night in 2020 and in the months leading up to the attack on Jan. 6. As Committee Chairman Rep.


The Lawfare Podcast: The Jan. 6 Hearings, Day Two

Recorded almost immediately after the Jan. 6 committee conducted its second public hearing, Benjamin Wittes sat down on Twitter Spaces with Lawfare’s Quinta Jurecic, Natalie Orpett, and Rohini Kurup. They talked about what the committee accomplished in this second hearing, what evidence it put forth, and whether Donald Trump actually knew that the election lies were false or whether he had convinced himself that they were true.


The Lawfare Podcast: Roger Parloff Talks Madison Cawthorn, Donald Trump, and Section 3 of the 14th Amendment

Lawfare senior editor Roger Parloff has been following in a way that just about nobody else has the litigation to keep people off ballots under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment—the part of the amendment that says that if you engaged in an insurrection, you're excluded from public office.

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