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Middle East Ticker

Iraqi Forces Advance on Western Mosul, U.S. Weighs Deploying Troops to Syria, Netanyahu Meets with Trump

Iraqi forces are moving again against the Islamic State with closer U.S. support, the United States is considering sending ground troops to Syria, and Netanyahu’s wild ride in joint press conference with Donald Trump.

Border Security

The DHS Border Memo: Ramping Up Expedited Removal and Raising Tensions with Mexico and with Due Process

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary John Kelly has just sent two memos to the White House for review that could fundamentally reshape U.S. immigration enforcement and exacerbate tensions with Mexico.


The DHS Immigration Enforcement Memos

As many are reporting this morning, the Secretary of DHS has issued two memos regarding immigration enforcement.  I will have much to say about them later, but for now, here is a link to the versions that I've received.  One important note:  one story I read this morning said that the memos were drafts and were still under review by WH counsel.  That is not so as far as I can tell -- these memos have Secretary Kelly's signature and are, in my un

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