Secrecy & Leaks


By Paul Rosenzweig
Tuesday, June 11, 2013, 4:00 PM

So the only people who are NOT allowed to read any of the material that Snowden disclosed are Federal employees or contractors who still carry security clearances (like me).  I got the following earlier today:

Per Computer Network Defense Service Provider (CNDSP)/ U.S. CYBERCOM


Importance: High

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Caveats: FOUO



Recently, news source websites some operated by CNN, MSN, ABC News, and other reputable news provider companies, have recently posted possible Classified content on their website.  At this time, ARCYBER is treating incidents where unclassified DOD systems view the classified document(s) that are posted on the news source sites as information spillage.  To prevent further incidents of spillage, USCYBERCOM recommends refraining from browsing/navigating/opening the web link to the content that are hosted on the news source sites until further notice.

As a reminder if you detect a spillage incident related to this issue, report the incident immediately through your government management chain they will make the decision on how to handle the situation, also notify the our appropriate component IMO and/or the Help Desk.


Awaiting further guidance from USCYBERCOM, until then please refrain From browsing/navigating/opening the web link to the classified content Until further notice.

Seems a bit like closing the barn door after the horse is gone, no?