Lawfare: Administrative

Reader Questionnaire: Today's Headlines & Commentary

By Benjamin Wittes
Friday, October 28, 2016, 10:36 AM

The other day, the Lawfare high command met in its secured bunker beneath our mountain in an undisclosed location to plot the fate of the world—or, at least, to plot how better to serve the Lawfare readership.

We came upon a question on which we thought we might solicit reader input: whether and how we can improve the Today's Headlines & Commentary feature. Specifically, we are considering whether or not to move the feature to the morning from its current afternoon spot in our roster, or alternatively, whether to add a morning update to it. The trouble is that we have only a very limited sense of how people use this feature and what approach readers would find most useful.

So we're asking: If you can take a minute and fill out the following short, anonymous sturvey, we'd appreciate it very much.