Rational Security

Rational Security: The "Things Could Possibly Get Much Worse Edition"

By Benjamin Wittes
Friday, February 12, 2016, 12:07 PM

This week on the podcast, Susan Hennessey comes in as special guest. We ask whether things could get worse in Syria? And we decide, "Oh yes!" Meanwhile, the U.S. brings charges against an ISIS member in the death of an American hostage; trouble is that Umm Sayyaf is in Iraq. Is this a Daqduq redux? And Republicans are divided over who supports waterboarding more, and what part of the human anatomy describes those who merely subscribe to John Yoo's views of executive power. Plus, Shane has a new favorite TV show. Tamara’s faith in humanity is restored by a cab driver. And Rational Security has its first canine listener—and a new mascot.