Rational Security: The “Shane-less” Edition

By Benjamin Wittes
Friday, March 23, 2018, 1:54 PM

Our intrepid host was off this week in an undisclosed location, doing his reporting thing, and snow closed the Jungle Studio and delayed the podcast for a day. But we reconvened with special guest Quinta Jurecic on Thursday, and Tamara valiantly stepped in to helm the podcast in Shane's absence.

This week: What we’ve learned—and what we still don’t know—about Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, and the 2016 campaign. Putin’s re-election and Trump’s congratulations. There’s a lot of fuss over leaking the president’s briefing paper on Vladimir Putin. Do we care? What should this episode tell us? Also: Deals deals deals! Trump brought posterboards to the Oval Office to show off how much of our stuff the Saudis are buying—even as the New York Times reports that George Nader and RNC vice chair Elliott Broidy have been making deals of their own to influence the Trump administration, reportedly using laundered money.