Rational Security

Rational Security: The "Fond Fair Wells" Edition

By Benjamin Wittes
Friday, October 16, 2015, 4:36 PM

Tamara is in China, probably getting hacked by People's Liberation Army, so Quinta Jurecic joins Shane and me for the podcast this week. We talk about a new leak to the Intercept on drones that Shane reads a bit differently than the Intercept folks do. What do these documents really show us about the inner workings of drone strikes? Meanwhile, FBI Director Jim Comey concedes before Congress that the encryption wars are not going to be resolved—at least for now—with legislation. And Quinta talks about Obama’s moral muse

In our Object Lessons segment, I bring Wells Bennett, the man in the bunny suit, whose last day at Brookings and Lawfare is today and who mysteriously refuses to appear on the show. Shane gabs about the latest evidence of his family's warlike history.

And finally, in our newest feature, we denounce all of the companies who are not sponsoring Rational Security, urging listeners not to use Harry's Razors, sleep on Casper matresses, or send email with MailChimp. We can't thank our sponsors on Rational Security, since we don't have any. But we can make our-non-sponsors pay in other ways.

It's the latest, less-than-entirely rational episode of Rational Security.