Rational Security 2.0: The 'What's In The Box?!?' Edition

By Jen Patja Howell
Wednesday, October 6, 2021, 12:01 PM

This week, Alan, Quinta, and Scott were joined by special guest and Lawfare associate editor Bryce Klehm to discuss:

- "The Problem with Nosy Neighbors": How concerned should we be about the Chinese military getting up in Taiwan’s business—and airspace—over the weekend?

- "If You Want to be Popular, Don't Go to Law School": Does the Supreme Court’s declining popularity mean it is headed for a legitimacy crisis? And finally:

- "Now That's Outside-the-Box Financial Planning": What do the recently unleashed Pandora Papers tell us about the world’s wealthy elites—and the people leaking information about them?

For object lessons, Quinta encouraged listeners to check out pictures and other remembrances of the COVID memorial exhibit on the National Mall that ended this past weekend; Scott endorsed the YouTube channel of his favorite online bartender as well as his new favorite drink, the Trinidad Sour; Alan sang the praises of his favorite open source operating system, Linux, and urged others to convert; and Bryce spoke of his love for Ken Burns and his latest documentary on Muhammad Ali.

And if you have questions for our forthcoming mailbag segment, be sure to send them to us!