Campaign 2016

Presidential Debate National Security Bingo

By Robert Chesney
Wednesday, October 19, 2016, 6:36 PM

Like many of you, I find myself unable to resist watching the debate this evening despite the fact that the last one actually left me felling physically ill. But I'm hoping to lighten the experience a bit this time around, with help from my students. I am teaching "Law of the Intelligence Community" this semester, and during a prior debate we had a good laugh talking about whether the words "702" might be uttered. So, today, we spent an entirely-inappropriate amount of time constructing a full-fledged bingo card for tonight's debate.

Check it out here, and by all means play along at home. I'll be tweeting my rulings on matches as things develop (though I confess I think it's pretty unlikely most of this stuff will get mentioned), and if we get four in a row in any direction (of if any of the instant-winner terms are uttered) it's donuts for all in my class next week (alas, the donut prize does not apply to anyone else!).