Paging All Law Students (and others): The Lawfare Wiki Document Library

By Benjamin Wittes
Saturday, November 10, 2012, 5:00 PM

The Lawfare Wiki Document Library wants you!

The next big phase of Lawfare expansion involves the creation of a large document library---a kind of one-stop-shopping for primary source material in the field of national security law. We are building this library as a wiki in collaboration with the Harvard Law School National Security Research Committee (NSRC), a student practice organization that provides legal research services for academics and policymakers on a variety of national security law issues. The library will be a searchable database of primary source material built in large measure by the Lawfare reader community and curated by Lawfare and the NSRC as a research tool for the scholarly, journalistic, and research communities.

Having built the technical architecture, we are now engaged in an early phase of the project---which involves seeding the wiki with a core body of important documents in the field: cases, treaties, statutes, etc. Each document will be accompanied by a summary that explains what it is and why it’s important---a summary that the reader community will then be able to edit and expand upon by adding links to major scholarly treatments and the like.

This is where you come in.

We want your help with this initial phase. The more people we can get to summarize documents, the more quickly we can build a first-rate resource that we can then open up to a wider group of contributors.

If you’re interested in contributing to the document wiki, send an email to Julia Lohmann, Raffaela Wakeman, or Wells Bennett, and they’ll assign you one to work on.

UPDATE: In response to my initial posting of this notice a few days ago, we have received inquiries from people who are no longer law students as to whether they can participate too. Short answer: Sure!