The Oversight Board's Pending Cases

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Below are descriptions of and documents for the Oversight Board's pending cases. 

2022-013-FB-UA (Iran Protest Slogan Case)

Decision deadline: 1/2/23

  • This case concerns an image posted to a Facebook group depicting a caricature of Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, with accompanying text that calls for death to Khamenei and the "anti-women Islamic government" in Iran. It was appealed by the user after Meta removed the content for violating the Violence and Incitement Community Standard; as a result of the board selecting this post, Meta identified the removal as an enforcement error and restored the posts.
  • Oversight Board description (10/4/22)
  • Meta statement (10/4/22)

2022-014-FB-MR (Sri Lanka Pharmaceuticals Case)

  • This case concerns text posted to the Facebook page of a medical organization in Sri Lanka which provided a link for people to donate pharmaceutical drugs and medical supplies to the country, which was reportedly experiencing a widespread shortage of medical goods at the time due to financial crisis. Meta referred the case to the board after making a temporary exception to allow the content, though it's Restricted Goods and Services policy normally prohibits content that "[a]ttempts to donate or gift pharmaceutical drugs."
  • Oversight Board description (11/17/22)
  • Meta statement (11/17/22)