Campaign 2016

An Open Letter To Edward Snowden

By Paul Rosenzweig
Saturday, June 4, 2016, 8:34 AM

Dear Ed:

By any chance do you have any friends inside the IRS?

You see, it seems to me that the major part of Donald Trump's mystique is his appearance of success. Nothing can really persuade his supporters that he's a bad man -- they look at his lies and see a successful sharp dealing businessman who wins, by any means necessary. And they like it.

But I suspect that it's a house of cards -- and that's why Trump isn't releasing his tax returns publicly. If we saw them, the whole world would know his true worth and, at a guess, see that he isn't nearly the successful businessman he says he is. At least that's one explanation.

So, I say again -- got any friends inside the IRS who want to do the country a service?



PS -- For any reader who hasn't figured it out, this is a joke .... I would never actually solicit a breach of federal law. Just sayin'.....