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Partial Ceasefire Begins in Yemen, Turkey Makes New Push for Gulen Extradition, U.S. Concerned about Potential Offensive in Eastern Syria

Yemen peace talks make progress on key issues, Turkey’s foreign minister says the Trump administration is considering expelling Fethullah Gulen and Turkish troops threaten to push into territory held by U.S.-backed forces.

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Yemen Peace Talks Convene in Sweden, Saudi Arabia Grapples with Reduced Influence in Washington, Egypt Under Renewed Scrutiny for Student’s Death

Yemeni delegates agree to a prisoner exchange, MBS’ lobbying has left him with friends in the White House but not much else, and new attention is given to the perils of academic research in the Middle East.

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Senate to Hear New Testimony on Khashoggi Killing, Yemen Peace Talks Set to Convene, Qatar to Leave OPEC, Netanyahu Faces New Political and Legal Challenge

Mohammed bin Salman’s world tour receives mixed reception, Houthi officials are en route to Sweden for negotiations, Qatar will withdraw from the global oil cartel and Israeli police recommend indicting Netanyahu on more corruption charges.

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UAE Releases British Student Accused of Spying, Saudi Crown Prince Tries to Boost Image on Regional Tour, Yemen Moves Closer to Peace Talks

The United Arab Emirates pardons Matthew Hedges but defends sentencing him to life in prison, MBS is greeted by protesters in Tunisia, and Yemen peace talks could begin as soon as next week.

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