NYU Center for Law and Security Conference: "Law and Strategy in an Era of Evolving Threats"

By Benjamin Wittes
Thursday, November 21, 2013, 1:46 PM

Here's is video of the conference on Tuesday at NYU's Center for Law and Security: "Law and Strategy in an Era of Evolving Threats."

The first panel dealt with "The Role of the Courts in Intelligence and National Security" and featured:

    • Justice Rosalie Abella, Supreme Court of Canada
    • President (ret.) Dorit Beinisch, Supreme Court of Israel, Weinstein Family Distinguished Fellow
    • Judge Brett Kavanaugh, D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals
    • The Right Hon the Lord Kerr of Tonaghmore, Supreme Court of the U.K.
    • Professor Samuel Rascoff, NYU School of Law

The second panel focused on "Law and Strategy in the Executive Branch" and featured:

    • Jeremy Bash, Former Chief of Staff to the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and Secretary of Defense; Beacon Global Strategies
    • Robert Bauer, Former White House Counsel; Perkins Coie/NYU School of Law
    • Michael Leiter, Former Director, National Counterterrorism Center; Palantir Technologies
    • Andrew Weissmann, Former General Counsel to the FBI; NYU School of Law
    • Professor Stephen Holmes, NYU School of Law
The keynote address was given by Lisa Monaco, Assistant to the president for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism:
The last panel of the day, on which I spoke, focused on "National Security Law and the Press." The other panelsts included:
  • Daniel Klaidman, Newsweek/Daily Beast
  • Mark Mazzetti,  The New York Times
  • Ellen Nakashima, The Washington Post
  • Professor Richard Pildes, NYU School of Law