A New Journal Dedicated to Cybersecurity

By Susan Landau
Tuesday, June 2, 2015, 10:00 AM

I’d like to announce the new Journal of Cybersecurity, an interdisciplinary journal encouraging submissions in all aspects of cybersecurity. This new journal will publish original research in the inherently interdisciplinary area of cybersecurity. While there are some meetings, including the Privacy Legal Scholars Conference and the Workshop in Economics of Information Security, that transcend the barriers between fields, there largely have not been academic journals that do so. By encouraging submissions in anthropological studies, human factors and psychology, computer science, legal aspects, political and policy perspectives, cryptography and computer security, strategy and international relations, security economics, and privacy, the Journal of Cybersecurity, seeks to provide a home for such interdisciplinary work. Journal of Cybersecurity is published by Oxford University Press.

We’re looking for papers that can be read at both the disciplinary and interdisciplinary level. Editors-in-chief are David Pym and Tyler Moore, and area editors include an international set of interdisciplinary characters, including yours truly (I’ll be running the Political and Policy Perspectives section). Spread the word. And submit — we’re eager for your work.