New Feature: The Week That Was

By Benjamin Wittes
Saturday, April 13, 2013, 6:55 AM

I'm happy to announce a new experimental feature on Lawfare--a weekly digest of our posts. I have received a lot of complaints in recent months that during heavy-blogging weeks, Lawfare's feed can be overwhelming. Because of the volume of content, posts fly down the page faster than people can read them. I'm not really inclined to apologize for this. A surfeit of great content is a good problem to have. That said, we are working both to even out our copy flow a bit and to provide guideposts for readers who may have missed things. In this vein, starting today, we're going to try a regular Saturday post that will function as a summary of everything that has run on the site from the previous Saturday through the end of the day on Friday. This is an experiment, and we're not above adjusting it---or scotching it entirely if people don't find it useful. So we welcome your feedback. Just email Raffaela Wakeman, who will be writing the feature, with your thoughts.