New CIA Procedures for Handling U.S. Person Information Collected Under E.O. 12333

By Jane Chong
Wednesday, January 18, 2017, 6:46 PM

Today the Central Intelligence Agency released new, unclassified procedures designed to restrict and streamline the agency's handling of U.S. person information collected in the course of intelligence activities conducted under Executive Order 12333. In a briefing with reporters earlier today at agency headquarters, CIA general counsel Caroline Krass described the updated guidelines as a "significant milestone" more than two years in the making. The new regulations function as a comprehensive update and consolidation of guidelines in place and subject to revision since 1982.

The document is unrelated to the E.O. 12333 procedures released last week detailing newly authorized sharing of raw signals intelligence within the intelligence community. We summarized those procedures here.

We will update this post soon with an overview of the new guidelines.