The National Security Law Podcast

The National Security Law Podcast: The Witness Who Became a Meme

By Robert Chesney, Steve Vladeck
Wednesday, October 6, 2021, 12:13 PM

What’s that? A new episode? What have these guys been doing all month…

Well, whatever they’ve been doing all September since Episode 209, Professors Vladeck and Chesney are back at last with a new episode. Tune in as they discuss and debate:

  • The en banc D.C. Circuit oral argument in al Hela (asking, inter alia, whether the Due Process Clause applies at GTMO)
  • A preview of the upcoming SCOTUS arguments relating to the State Secrets Privilege
  • The Dorfman/Naylor/Isikoff article on CIA planning relating to Assange and Wikileaks
  • A National Security Division roundup noting the sudden wind-up of the Huawei CFO case and the new material support case against a Canadian Islamic State fighter previously held by the SDF in Syria

All that, plus no small amount of frivolity (including a much-too-long endorsement of the greatness that is Joe Abercrombie).