The National Security Law Podcast

The National Security Law Podcast: This Podcast is 'Considerably Recalibrated'

By Robert Chesney, Steve Vladeck
Wednesday, September 16, 2020, 1:03 PM

So we took a week off without warning because, you know, 2020. But we’re back, and we sure don’t lack for things to discuss and debate! Tune in as co-hosts Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney weigh in on:

  1. The NY Times story reporting a request from AFRICOM to expand targeting authorities involving al Shabaab in Kenya in particular.
  2. The President’s denial, and then confirmation, that he favored trying to kill Bashar al-Assad.
  3. DOJ launching a criminal investigation of former National Security Advisor John Bolton.
  4. DOJ moving to interpose the U.S. government as defendant in a defamation suit stemming from President Trump’s answer to questions relating to rape allegations.
  5. A federal judge’s decision to invoke Lochner (!!!) en route to declaring various Pennsylvania public health measures unconstitutional.
  6. Whether the military can subject a person to court martial for an offense allegedly committed prior to a break in service, where the person already was prosecuted (unsuccessfully) in a state court.
  7. The latest twists and turns with TikTok and WeChat under IEEPA and CFIUS

And the Mandalorian trailer…OMG OMG OMG