The National Security Law Podcast

The National Security Law Podcast: Episode 230, Not Section 230

By Robert Chesney, Steve Vladeck
Tuesday, January 17, 2023, 5:39 PM

Wouldn’t want you to be misled by the episode number (though we do actually foreshadow some future Section 230 coverage in light of an upcoming pair of SCOTUS cases)!  At any rate: tune in as Professors Chesney and Vladeck discuss what is and isn’t similar about the Trump and Biden classified documents scenarios; the relative authority of the President and Congress under the Arms Export Control Act (in light of the potential sale of F16s to Turkey); the 21st anniversary of GTMO; the indictment of a Chinese man who harassed a fellow student at the Berklee School of Music based on the victim’s pro-democracy, pro-freedom speech; and of course no small amount of frivolity!