The National Security Law Podcast: Bran, Bron, What’s the Difference?

By Robert Chesney, Steve Vladeck
Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 11:29 AM

And we’re back! Tune in as we discuss and debate the latest national security legal news, including:

  • The legal framework for Congressional subpoenas (and the problems that arise when the Executive Branch is not inclined to support prosecutions to enforce criminal contempt);
  • The policy and legal issues raised by an Israeli airstrike on a Hamas facility associated with cyber operations, which occurred in the midst of a massive exchange of rockets, missile, mortars, and more;
  • A conviction in a material-support-to-IS case in which the support consisted of online recruiting, which raises interesting questions from a First Amendment perspective;
  • An arrest in a bizarre case in which a contractor engaged in translating wiretaps of a terrorism suspect tried to hide the fact that the suspect was recorded calling, well, the translator; and
  • A guilty plea for a former CIA officer who was recruited by Chinese intelligence through financial inducements.

Ah, but all that is just the appetizer. Game of Thrones Episode 4 ran on Sunday night, and these guys are not happy about how it went …